Most Patients Want Medical Records Stored Electronically

A new survey from Surescripts shows 94% of patients feel their medical records should be stored electronically in a single location.

The 2016 Connected Care and the Patient Experience survey notes patients are dissatisfied with the lack of a central location for their medical records as well as the difficulty in accessing and sharing those records.

“Despite major medical and technological advancements in our country, and the fact that patients are more active consumers of care, our healthcare system is still inefficient, complex and unsatisfying for patients,” said Tom Skelton, CEO of Surescripts. “It’s clear that American healthcare consumers expect a better consumer experience through effective and efficient access to their data, more convenient care and new ways to interact with their doctors.”

The survey also showed most patients (93%) believe physicians would save time if their medication history was stored in one location, and 90% feel this would make their physician less likely to prescribe the wrong medication.

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