6 Professional Development Resources for Nurses

Young nurse using a digital tablet to access professional development resources for nurses

Where do you see yourself in 5–10 years? Is your nursing career headed in the direction you want to go? In honor of Nurses Month, we’ve put together a list of professional development resources for nurses. The following webinars, courses, and guides are designed to help you take charge of your career in healthcare, stay on top of your continuing education, and achieve your career goals in the nursing profession.

The Conscious Evolution of Your Nursing Career: Strategies for Success (Free with code CAREER200)

Many nursing professionals allow their careers to happen to them rather than taking conscious control and assertively making their careers happen. This webinar course offers insights and strategies for the development and nurturing of a personalized, informed, thoughtful, and forward-thinking career journey.

Western Schools Career Journey Bundle

Don’t allow your nursing career to just happen to you. Take charge of it! The nursing profession offers such a wide variety of opportunities, there’s no reason to delay your journey toward your ideal career destination. This bundle includes four courses that offer important information to help your professional growth and development as you chart your career course.

Western Schools Leadership Bundle

There are leaders you admire and, well, those you don’t. Which do you want to be? Nursing leadership skills are in high demand. This bundle includes four courses to help you refine the knowledge and competencies you need to bridge policy and practice, improve patient outcomes, and make a meaningful difference in the delivery of quality care.

Careers 2021: An Elite Learning Resource Guide

This free guide will provide you with useful and timely information and tips from industry professionals that will help you grow and succeed as you navigate your career in healthcare—from managing your mental health in the workplace to advancing your healthcare career. Read the full Careers 2021 issue.

Elite Nursing Passport Membership (25% off with code NURSES25)

It’s time for you to go places in your career. Go anywhere from here with the Elite Nursing Passport. When you become a member, you get access to all required continuing education courses in one place, flexible learning when and where you want it, unlimited access to nursing CE advisors, exclusive access to live and on-demand webinars by industry experts, access to new jobs updated daily, and much more.

Nurses Month Webinar: Redefining Nursing — Reaffirming Our Practice (May 19, 2021)

The American Nurses Association is proud to release the Fourth Edition of the Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice in Spring 2021. Discover how this updated version guides you and all other Registered Nurses (RN) and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN). In this webinar on Wednesday May 19, 2021 from 1:00pm–2:00pm EDT, you will learn about the most significant changes to this foundational document from the Co-Chairs of the 2019-2020 Nursing Scope and Standards Revision Workgroup. Register here.

Want more professional development resources for nurses? Visit our Resource Center for weekly nursing news updates, articles, and more. Get exclusive access to an array of career resources, such as live and on-demand webinars by industry experts, with the Elite Nursing Passport (25% off with code NURSES25).

Grow your skills and fulfill your CE with Elite Nursing Passport Membership. Get 25% off with promo code NURSES25.

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